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There are three body-to-image relationships with differing ontologies: the body observing the image [1] is different from that of the body occupying the image [2], and of the body creating the image [3]. The body observing the image exists in the space outside of the image, the body occupying the image is a necessary function of knowledge production, and the body creating the image is the realm of experiential media and technologies, the space where our bodily self-perception constantly shifts and we are essentially technologically catalyzed shapeshifters.

My research is on aesthetically derived knowledge from the third body-to-image relationship. It is carried out by altering temporal and spatial perception in terms of scaling the body to shift bodily-self perception beyond our embodied 1:1 scale to objective reality. The research methodology is put forth in photography, video, and virtual reality in order for you to build new knowledge of new realities. 

AfPoS Abstract  

        Relational Bodies
         01/ Bodies to Bodies
         02/ Bodies to Objects
         03/ Bodies to Technologies

        Abstract Bodies
         01/ Altered Temporal Perception
         02/ Altered Spatial Perception

       Bodies Beyond Bodies
         01/ Language
         02/ Alternate Realities

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